Posters (one-sided) online printing

Posters (one-sided)

Posters (one-sided) online printing 1
Posters (one-sided) online printing 2

Available from 1 pc.

  • Many types of paper (including offset 90 g-240 g, matt coated/gloss 130-250 g, matt coated 350 g and blueback 115 g)
  • Many types of paper (including 90 g offset, matt coated/gloss 130-350 g and blueback 115 g)
  • Refinement (from 170 g, only some formats) - foil (matt, gloss) or UV varnish
  • Different designs within 1 order

Poster is one of the most effective advertising media. Suitable for hanging, sticking or placing on a display case. We print in offset quality - both large and small volumes. Remember that you can choose different number of designs within one order.

One-sided poster is printed in 13 formats - from A3 through sashes up to XXL (1090 x 1530 mm). Depending on the format and weight, some posters can be refined with foil (flash/matt) or UV varnish. We print on both offset, blueback and coated paper (up to 350 g).

The posters are packed flat in strong cardboard boxes.