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Premium finishing sampler

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Premium finishing sampler – order from 1 piece

How to make printed materials more eye-catching, stimulate the senses and imagination, and even evoke admiration? Think of unique enhancements! Our new "Touch&Try" premium finishing sampler will help you discover the full range of premium enhancements available on Printendo.

Enter the world of amazing visual and structural effects with us. Discover how a striking finish can enhance the appeal of your designs and products - including business cards, flyers and packaging.

Premium printing - gilding, silvering and much more - learn about the new tool, get inspired!

The premium finishing sampler is a unique tool that will allow you and your customers to learn about the possibilities of non-standard print finishing, such as 3D UV varnish, structural UV varnish and metallized 3D color foils - gold, silver, rose gold, holographic, copper, red and green.

It's a product that attracts with its modern form, beautiful setting and amazing interior, moving imagination and creativity. Order your own sampler, see and feel more! Let yourself be drawn into the amazing depth of colors, touch surprising textures. See for yourself how much you can bring out of your designs with a striking finish.

Experiment and delight - visual and sensory impressions in printed materials

3D enhancements highlight details in prints, adding the desired style - such as elegance or sophistication. However, skillful application of them allows to achieve much more - to add depth, achieve a multi-layered and three-dimensional effect. Such materials are much more likely to attract attention, but also encourage physical contact with the product. They stimulate more senses, act on the imagination.

This is of great importance especially in the case of product packaging, for example. By introducing a sensory element into your designs, you can influence your audience's positive experience and, in the long run, their purchasing decisions.

Take advantage and order the premium finishing sampler now! Surprise your customers with innovative ideas and a new outlook on printed materials. Create extraordinary printing products - from business cards to packaging. If you have any questions about solutions and technologies, we can help -

Discover the power of enhancements - template, technology, design layer

When ordering Printendo premium finishing sampler, you will receive a set of a dozen cards with examples of finished printing materials and a technical index. The cards present different refinements, and their convenient form allows you to freely compare and contrast the effects. In addition, on the back of each card you will find an illustrative visualization of the process of obtaining 3D effects, which will make it easier to work on your own projects.

In the index we have collected specifications for the raw materials used, types of printing and finishing, as well as a sampler of the minimum line thicknesses and font sizes you can use in a project with 3D enhancements.

The sampler pieces are enclosed in a spectacular packaging, which facilitates practical storage of the cards and encourages further exploration. Each sampler is protected before shipment with durable, personalized shipping packaging (carft microwave wrap with black printing) and shrink foil.

Technical specifications:

  • closed format of the sampler: 205 x 205 mm
  • sampler consists of: 11 main cards, 3 cards with product samples, technical index – format 200 x 200 mm
  • raw materials used: 350 g matt paper, 250 g matt paper, 300 g Tintoretto Gesso Touch Class paper, 300 g GC1 cardboard, 440 g corrugated cardboard (E wave, kraft/kraft)
  • applied base refinements: anti-scratch matt foil and soft touch foil
  • applied premium enhancements: selective UV varnish 3D, selective UV varnish 3D structural (with different micron value); colorful metallized 3D foil (colors: gold, silver, copper, rose-gold, holographic, red, green)
  • printing of smpler elements: 4/4, 4/0, 0/4
  • sampler packaging: personalized double creasing business folder with decorative cut-out, made of GC1 300 g cardboard, printed on one side 0/4, refined with soft touch foil 1/0 and silver foil 3D 1/0; closed format 202 x 202 x 9 mm
  • shipping package: personalized wrapper made of 440 g kraft corrugated cardboard (E-wave) with 1/0 printing in black; closed format 206 x 206 x 13 mm
  • English language sampler

What Printendo products can you apply premium finishing to?