Printed advertising puzzles online printing

Printed advertising puzzles

Custom printed puzzles

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Custom printed puzzles

Advertising puzzles in a box from 25 pcs.

  • 5 types to choose from
  • Finishing: glossy or matt foil
  • Number of elements; 15, 25, 30, 60 lub 120
  • Packaging - cardboard box 300g
  • Puzzle printing 4/0
  • Lid printing 4/0
  • Cardboard format: 155 × 157 × 40 mm
  • Material – 1,9 mm cardboard covered with paper 150 g

Promotional jigsaw puzzles are great corporate gadgets - for trade shows, events or as personalized gifts for customers. You can design both the puzzle and the box cover, creating a personalized promotional puzzle. Thanks to the excellent printing quality you will get a sharp, detailed print with long-lasting, intense colors. Once assembled, the puzzle can be used as a desk or wall decoration.

Puzzle with logo - creative corporate gadget

You can complete the corporate jigsaw puzzle with any graphic, inscription and logo. Company jigsaw puzzles will make time more enjoyable for recipients, subtly reminding them of your brand. We print puzzles from photos, illustrations, as well as abstract graphics. On the puzzles you can print greetings, thanks or whatever your creativity tells you. Custom printed jigsaw puzzles are perfect as a gift for children or as an addition to the company's corner for the youngest.