Printed Plexiglas door plates online printing

Printed Plexiglas door plates

Printed Plexiglas door plates online printing 1

From as little as 1 pc.

  • Clear 5 mm Plexiglas sheet
  • 4 formats to choose from
  • Plexiglas board for colour UV printing
  • 4/0 printing also with white underprint
  • .
  • 2 mounting spacers

Plexiglass advertising signs are irreplaceable as company signs - in offices, offices or offices. Clear, 5 mm thick Plexiglas looks as elegant as glass, but is lighter and more durable than it. The set includes 4 spacers, which make it easy to install and will expose the message.

Plexiglass plate with UV colour printing - light and effective

Plexiglas plate with your own print works well as a company, advertising or information sign - for doors or walls. The Plexiglas boards can be used as both indoor and outdoor signs. Choose from 5 formats and indicate in your order how you would like us to print it.