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Letters and 3D graphics Styrodur online printing

Letters and 3D graphics Styrodur

Letters and 3D graphics Styrodur online printing 1
Letters and 3D graphics Styrodur online printing 2

From 1 pc.

  • Polystyrene board XPS 300
  • Thickness 30 mm
  • Precise cutting to the required shape
  • Painting with any colour
  • Painting with any colour
  • Painted in one colour per order
3 finishing options:
  • cutting only
  • cut-out and paint edges and fronts
  • cut-out and paint fronts
  • cut-out and painted edges + white or black glossy face of 1 mm thick plasterboard
  • Spatial styrodur letters and graphics are lightweight and striking. With them you can create a colourful logo, shape or 3D lettering for your wall. The spatial letters are useful for decorating offices, shops or trade fair stands. The board is 3 cm thick - you can incise it, paint it and add a face of white or black Hips board.

    Print your ideas in 3D

    The styrodur board is lightweight and machinable, allowing you to create even very precise 3D letters and numbers. The board is striking and lightweight, suitable for mounting on walls, doors, displays or advertising walls. Creating colourful 3D lettering has never been easier.