Adhesive foil online printing

Adhesive foil

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Available from 1 pcs.

  • White or transparent film
  • Thickness of 150 microns
  • 3 formats or own format (from 50 to 1000 cm)
  • It is possible to cut any shape.
  • Printing 4/0 or 5/0 (4 + white/0) on transparent film
  • Digital printing

Adhesive foil is designed for repeated use - and without the use of glue. It is distinguished by quick installation and removal - clean and without losing its properties. It can be applied onto windows, plastics, household appliances and electronics or other flat surfaces (also varnished). The film is suitable for interiors (durability about 3 years) or exteriors (durability about one year).

The film is made of glossy PVC - white or transparent. You can cover it with any graphics and print in the format of your choice. Adhesive stickers are used to cover shop windows, trade fair stands, offices or products. They are perfect both as an advertising, informative and decorative elements. And most importantly - you can change both the idea and the stickers at any time - and in just a few seconds.