MultiLoft spiral-bound notebooks online printing

MultiLoft spiral-bound notebooks

MultiLoft spiral-bound notebooks online printing 1
MultiLoft spiral-bound notebooks online printing 2

Multiloft spiral-bound notebooks - from 50 pcs.

  • External paper is MultiLoft Opaque 810 g (snow white smooth color), interior - offset 80 g
  • 9 filling colors (dyed paper) - ecru, yellow, orange, pink, purple, turquoise, pastel green, green, black
  • Printing 4/0 i 4/4
  • 3 formats: A6, A5, DL
  • 50 or 100 cards plus cover (2 + 50 lub 2 + 100)
  • Spiral on short or long side
  • 4 spiral colors - white, black, gold, silver
  • Corners - rectangular

Explore the unique Multiloft notebooks! It combines the versatility of a notebook with a durable cover of triple laminated paper. Spiral-bound notebooks are one of the more popular promotional gadgets given out to clients at events or conferences. It's a thoughtful addition to gift packs that is convenient to use, and its small format makes it fit in any bag. Quick access to notes and the ability to easily tear out pages are some of the biggest advantages of spiral notes. Make sure the notebook lasts longer with the Multiloft cover, which will protect the note cards and additionally look unique.

What is the Multiloft cover?

It's an innovative design that consists of three layers of paper - white, printable top layers (MultiLoft Opaque 810 g), surrounding a middle section that you can personalize in terms of color. The layers have been permanently bonded, thanks to the use of contact adhesive (no wet glue). We offer up to 9 colors of filling to choose from - ecru, yellow, orange, pink, purple, turquoise, pastel green, green and black. Thanks to multiple layers of paper, the cover is stiffer, and therefore will not damage as easily as with standard papers. The ability to choose the inner color of the cover enriches the design, gives it depth and will work well with company colors.

Order spiral-bound notebooks with Multiloft cover

We process orders for notebooks with Multiloft cover starting from 50 pieces. We offer 50-card and 100-card options, so you can freely adjust the thickness of the notebook to your preferences.

The use of Multiloft paper as a cover is a way to catch the attention of a client or customer, who will feel that they are dealing with a product of exceptional quality. You can put any content you want on the cover of the notebook, such as your company logo, name, company slogan or pictures of products from your offerings.