Plexiglass boards - transparent online printing

Plexiglass boards - transparent

Plexiglass boards - transparent online printing 1
Plexiglass boards - transparent online printing 2

Available from 1 pc.

  • 6 formats or own format (from 20 to 100 cm)
  • Plexiglas transparent or milky (double-sided gloss)
  • The thickness of the transparent plexiglass - 2 or 5 mm, and the milky - 3 mm
  • Printing 4/0 (also with white underprinting)
  • Possible drilling holes (from 2 to 8 pcs.)
  • Milling to any shape possible
  • UV printing

Plexiglass is an advertising medium with a wide range of applications. You can choose 2 types of board - milky (3 mm thick) or transparent (2 or 5 mm thick). On each plate we can drill holes (from 2 to 8) and give it any shape. The printed plexiglass board can be used, for example, for the construction of exhibition stands, as an advertising board or as an effective finishing of shop displays.

One side is printed with a white overprint as standard. If you do not use white, you will get translucency - the effect of stained glass. Plexi is also perfect for decorative prints. Graphics will decorate the walls at home, hotel, restaurant or office. The combination of CMYK colours with white printing will work great on illuminated walls and coffers, and the possibility of rear printing will give the effect of depth.

We pack plexiglass, solid and secure with two MDF boards