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New! Flyers with relief colour foil and 3D varnish

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New! Flyers with relief colour foil and 3D varnish

Premium flyers from 20 pcs.

  • 7 formats to choose from
  • Paper: silk 300 g.
  • Printing: 4/0, 4/4
  • Lamination (silk only): matt, gloss or soft touch foil (one or two sided)
  • Finishing: colour selective foils (one side), 3D UV relief varnish (one side)
  • Available foil colours: gold, silver, red, copper, rose-gold, holographic
  • Available quantities: 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000

Make your message stand out with impressive finishing for double-sided premium flyers. How about accentuating details with a convex colour foil or 3D UV varnish? Choose the optimal finishing - print your flyers with gold, silver, hologram or relief varnish.

You can order premium flyers in A6, A5, A4, DL format or in 120/150/200 mm square. We have carefully selected raw materials in order to obtain juicy, intensive print colours.

Flyers with 3D relief varnish - go beyond the ordinary

The silk substrate will be covered with foil in a toning mat, striking gloss or with a velvety soft touch finish. We can then apply further layers of enhancements - coloured foils or 3D lacquer. Convex varnish can be applied to any part of the project - exposing it and creating a spatial effect.

Flyers with selective colour foil - gilded, silvered or holographic

Want more? Order your flyers finished with a coloured foil! Choose from gold, silver, red, copper, rose gold or holographic foil-coated flyers. Flyers with gilding or silvering look striking and prestigious. Flyers with red, copper or pink foil will attract attention and direct the eye to the most relevant elements. Flyers with holographic foil will make your message stand out and add an intriguing sparkle.