Wirebound pyramid calendars (monthly) online printing

Wirebound pyramid calendars (monthly)

Wirebound pyramid calendars (monthly) online printing 1
Wirebound pyramid calendars (monthly) online printing 2

Available from 10 pcs.

  • Spiral, monthly schedule
  • Cover plus 12 calendarium cards (1+12)
  • Format 200 x 168 mm (level)
  • Calendars and cover - coated matt 130 g, base - white cardboard 300 g
  • Printing 4/0
  • 4 colours of spiral - white, black, gold, silver

Spiral, monthly pyramid calendar is not only a practical schedule, but also a year-round advertisement. We print the calendar in 200 x 168 mm format, complementing it with a spiral in one of 4 colours (white, gold, black and silver). You can put your ideas on the cover and 12 calendarium cards.

The base is made on 300 g white cardboard, while the calendarium and cover on 130g coated matt. The base of pyramids is die-cut with a standard cutting die and has a glueless lock for assembly. This year can have only good sides - just design them your way.

Calendars are packed in shrink wrap foil of 5 pieces, and then into durable corrugated cardboard boxes into durable corrugated cardboard boxes.